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The AOC is an organization of individuals of all ages based in northwestern Pennsylvania who enjoy nature and year round outdoor activities. We try to maintain a weekly schedule of hosted hiking, biking, and winter skiing activities, as well as numerous special events, for anyone who wishes to participate.


Send email to: mailroom@alleghenyoutdoorclub.org. You can also contact our officers by phone at the numbers below.

John Young, president 814-730-2915 John Shinaberger, vice pres. 814-598-9094 Debra Young, treasurer 814-730-8388 Patricia Shinaberger, sect. 814-598-4590


Join us in the outdoors. Events are open to members and non-members alike. Come on! You'll be welcome!

Dues for membership are $5 per person per year. Dues go toward the cost of our club memberships in Keystone Trails Association and North Country Trail Association, and for mailing quarterly schedules. Schedules are also distributed via e-mail for members who are online. Non-members are always welcome to participate in activities without obligation to join the club. Dues are payable to Debra Young, 1588 Town Line Road, Russell, PA 16345. Please make payments for the current year only.


See a YouTube video of the AOC presented at the club's induction to the Warren Chapter of the Pennsyvania Sports Hall of Fame in 2008.